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  Hello and Welcome to the World Music Conservatory, Bangalore!

We are an established music school from Bangalore that offers quality musical education across a variety of genres including Indian Classical, Western Classical and Contemporary styles. Our aim is to make learning music a fun and enjoyable experience for all, without compromising on quality. You will find a wide range of students here, right from complete beginners to young professionals. So if you want to nurture your innate musical spark, the World Music Conservatory can provide a perfect environment.


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Hindustani Indo Western Testimonials

I've been coming to WMC for about 6 months. The lessons are very interesitng and tecachers are nice and co-operative. I look forward to continuing classes here.
Rajiv, 11, Guitar

WMC has been a wonderful experience. The teachers are highly professional and explain everything in detail to us. Its really improved my playing a lot.
Brahmos, 13, Guitar

Have been attending regularly for 4 months. Really loving the classes and it has helped me a lot. Having a lot of fun here.
Manoj, 22, Guitar

WMC has helped develop my technique and sense of melody far beyond what I thought was possible, while still ensuring I enjoy each and every class, and never get bored.
Inesh, 16, Guitar

Basically I’m a guitar lover. WMC has helped me pursue this passion. I’m really enjoying the classes here.
Vibha, 13, Guitar

I have been coming for piano classes to WMC for one year now. I have developed my playing a lot through the teaching of my sir. I have good friends also here and I really enjoy my piano classes.
Morris, 14, Piano

I really enjoy music and have always wanted to learn the piano. I had been to a few other music schools but I feel most comfortable learning here.
Srivatsan, 16, Piano




World Music Conservatory
#42/4, East Park Road,
Between 17th & 18th Cross,
Malleshwaram, Bengaluru-560055
Karnataka, India

Ph: +91-80-23448400
E-mail : worldmusicconservatory@gmail.com


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