About Us

The World Music Conservatory provides complete and thorough musical training for students of all age. We offer courses in Indian and Western instruments including guitar, piano, drums, vocals (classical and contemporary), violin and flute among others. Apart from just academic learning, our teaching methods ensure that the fun and inspiring aspect of music is never lost on students.

After all, music is considered one of the most beautiful arts and we do want to foster this inspiration within our students. So we have a very holistic approach to music education that combines individual lessons, band training and jam sessions. There is also a dedicated jam room and studio to help students hone their skills. Our students are also encouraged from a performance point of view and are given opportunities to perform in various platforms.

Personal Attention

Students have personal classes with their tutors and are taught the various aspects of musical education including technique, ear training, live playing and music appreciation. Our teachers are all experienced musicians and can guide you in the best possible manner. Each student's individual tastes, ability and interests are taken into account to provide a highly personalized training session.

Ensemble / Practice Sessions

The presence of a dedicated jam room/studio also helps out students get the opportunity to play together as a band. Playing with others is of course the most enjoyable part of being a musician. Not only does it help students get focused, but also provides an inspiration for becoming a better musician. Many bands from our school are sought after for performances.