WMC has broadly classified & designed the curriculum in three genres of music: Indian, Western & Indo Western Music

Also WMC has designed the curriculum to suit the requirement of students who are interested in learning vocal & individual instruments. A holistic approach is also provided for students wanting to study music full time. The courses are divided into various levels.

  • Carnatic : Vocal, Violin, Flute, Mridangam.
  • Hindustani: Vocal, Violin, Harmonium, Tabla.
  • Western : Piano, Violin, Guitar, Keyboard, Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet, Harmonica, Drums & Percussion.
  • Popular Vocals : Here we teach students to sing Folk, Popular, Film and Light Music songs

Course Duration is subject to each student's capacity and practice input.

Students who complete the last level in each discipline will be exposed to Live Studio experience. Students who have completed the last level and are eligible to perform will go through 12 month performance grooming course. This includes performing in live concerts with professional accompaniments.

Crash Course

WMC offers 50 classes spread over 3 months that includes 8 lecture demonstrations and 42 practical sessions. This will be an introduction to singing or playing an instrument in the chosen genre, from which the student can take it forward to higher levels of professional learning at our school or elsewhere.

Courses for International Students

World Music Conservatory offers special music courses for students coming from other countries for short & long term period. WMC offers music training and at the end of the course organizes tours to places of cultural importance. If required, foreign students are provided homely accommodation during their stay while studying music at our school.

Course Affiliation

We prepare Indian music students to be able to appear for Karnataka State Board Syllabus: Junior, Senior, Pre Proficiency and Proficiency. We prepare Western Classical & Contemporary Music Students to be able to appear for Trinity.

Band Grooming

World Music Conservatory encourages and nurtures the students to be groomed into bands. Capable students from each section are chosen from different disciplines of the school and grouped into bands. They are groomed to be able to perform in live concerts. The bands get to practice at our fully equipped Studio on a regular basis. WMC bands are promoted by us at various venues and through in house WMC Productions.

Students Album

Once the student completes certain levels and is qualified to perform they get an opportunity to record and launch their own album. The students are trained to work with the technicians and get to understand the basics of recording their voice/instruments.

Online Classes : Students can learn through skype lessons :: Skype ID : wmcbangalore