Chant India (Completed)

A healthy combination of passion for music and social welfare has given birth to CHANT INDIA, a singing Reality Show in aid of SMILE Charitable Trust for construction of toilets in girls schools across rural Karnataka.

CHANT INDIA is the brain child of the renowned percussionist Gopi and Carnatic vocalist Sangeetha Srikishen. Both of them have contributed a lot towards various social cause based events. This idea came up when they were casually discussing the importance of a toilet to a girl child.

Sangeet Yaatra (Completed)

Sangeet Yaatra is a conception of World Music Conservatory LLP. It is a classical REALITY competition in association with Sri Sankara TV, a multi lingual national television channel.

Drum Circle

A drum circle, most simply put is a group of people gathered in a circle for the purpose of making music with percussion instruments, in the presence of an experienced facilitator. Drum circles are internationally seen as stress busters for teams, a corporate socializing exercise and are a fun experience for people of all age groups. WMC conducts Drum Circles at different places.


WMC conducts workshops on various topics in music by musicians and musicologists. These are attended by the students of our school as well as by others.

Sunset Concerts

The Sunset series are full-fledged concerts performed by accomplished musicians for the benefit of our students and are open to the general public. These concerts are a platform where in the students and audiences get an opportunity to interact with performing musicians.

Sur Taal

Sur Taal is our annual event and features accomplished musicians each year. Sur Taal so far has had performances by musicians like the percussion maestro Trilok Gurtu and Hindustani vocal exponent Begum Parveen Sultana to name a few.

Music Unplugged

Music Unplugged is a platform for Carnatic, Hindustani and Western Classical forms. Knowledge is shared in the form of lecture demonstrations, Workshops, Seminars, Interactive sessions, Film screening and Concerts by accomplished musicians from India and all over the world. The atmosphere is very informal and open for all. The whole idea of Music Unplugged is to promote and get together like minded people who are seriously interested in listening and participating in our classical projects. A cozy and ambient music atmosphere is provided to facilitate everyone. The audience who attend these sessions get an opportunity to be at closer quarters with the artists.