Mr Gopi - World Percussion
Gopi was born in a family of musicians, his father being a Mridangam (Indian percussion instrument) player. Even as an infant, Gopi showed keen interest in music and used to accompany his father to temples concerts where he played the cymbals. He later went on to formally study and play the Tabla. This gave him a firm foundation and confidence to experiment with the other percussion instruments from different parts of the world. He has a wide collection of percussion instruments that he has acquired while traveling for performances all over the world. In his musical journey Gopi, has been fortunate to learn under the eminent guidance of teachers like Pandit Suresh Talwalkar & the percussion maestro Trilok Gurtu. Today is considered one of the most accomplished percussionists in the World Music category.
Mrs Sangeetha Srikishen - Carnatic Vocals
Sangeetha Srikishen a Carnatic vocalist and entrepreneur, began her musical journey at the tender age of 5 when she used to lead SAI BHAJANS at various religious gatherings along with her mother, a violinist. Inspired at a very young age, she went on to learn music and during her musical journey had the great opportunity to be tutored under some of India’s finest musicians. She is a post graduate in Music from the Mysore University.
Mrs H.N Kamala Murthy - Carnatic Vocals
Vidushi H.N Kamala Murthy Vidushi completed her Vidwat Proficiency Examinations with distinction in 2005, under the guidance of the eminent Guru Vidhushi Smt. R A Ramamani. She has also undergone training in Hindustani Classical Music under Guru Pandit Shri Ganapathi Hegde. Apart from being the winner in classical competitions, she performs concerts regularly all over the state. Some of the popular venues have been at temples and festivals in Bangalore, Hubli and Dharwad. Smt Kamala Murthy has also recorded music for the Kannada Culture Department.
Mrs Geetha Gopal– Carnatic Flute
Born in a family of musicians, Geetha Gopal was acquainted with music at the age of eight through her father, the late. Gamaka Kalarathna Sri. H. Sheshagiri Rao, a renowned Gamaka and Harikatha Vidwan of Karnataka. After learning devotional songs, light music and gamaka, she was fascinated by the melody and magic of flute.

She is the disciple of Flute Maestro of Karnataka, Late. Vidwan Sri B. N. Suresh. She had her initial training from Late. Vidwan Sri. B. Shivaramaiah, a close associate of the Great Flute Maestro Padmashree T R. Mahalingam.

She is a recipient of Government of Karnataka Scholarship from Sangeetha Nrithya Academy. She has been performing concerts all over the country and Akashavani & Doordarshan.

She visits ‘Prabhodini Gurukula at Haiharapura near Shringeri (Karnataka) for conducting free coaching classes in flute to the students of the Gurukula as part of her social responsibility.

She is a nominated member of the Expert Committee of Carnatic Music (Instrumental) Department of Culture, Government of India. She has been felicitated by various organizations and also honored with the titles of ‘Venugaana Visharade’, ‘Nada Kokila’ & ‘Sangeetha Shri’. She is also a recipient of the prestigious ‘Arya Bhata’ award.
Mr H L Gopalakrishna – Mrudangam
Born in K R Nagar Vidwan Shri Gopalakrishna started learning Mrudangam when he was barely six years old. He started his basic lessons under the guidance of Guru Shri Shivakolande. Goplakakrishna performed for the first time when he was just ten years old by accompanying the legendary R R Keshavamurthy & P Keshavamurthy at Rudrapatnam. There was no looking back after that. He had his advanced Mrudangam training under Vidwan P G Lakshminarayana of Mysore and continued his lessons with Vidwan T A S Mani. Shri Goplakrishna has traveled to almost all the countries for performances.

Interestingly he has accompanied renowned artists of different genres like musicians, dramatists of repute like Master Hiranaiah and Harikatha Vidwans in both Tabla & Mrudangam.
Mr Mahesh Kumar Heroor – Hindustani Vocals and Harmonium
Hailing from a place called Heroor from Gulbarga Shri Mahesh Kumar Heroor is one of the most promising young Hindustani vocalists of Karnataka. He is an exponent of Hindustani Classical music and Light Classical music.

He is blessed with a great voice. He was trained in the Guru – Shishya Parampara system of music under none other than the Sangeet Shivayogi Ubhaya Ganaacharya Dr. Pandit Puttaraja Gavai. He has been performing in all leading organizations and music festivals.

Shri Mahesh Kumar Heroor is a faculty at the World Music Conservatory for the past two years and trains students in Classical and light forms of music.
Dattatreya Mutalik – Bansuri
Dattatreya is a young musician trained under Pndit Venkatesh Godkindi and Surmani Pandit Praveen Godkindi. He's one of the most sought after flute player for classical and other alternategenres. He was approved as a child artist by the prestigious All India Radio Dharwad & Bangalore. He has been performing in various platforms in different genres apart from classical music.
Mr Anthony Raj – Saxophone / Western Flute
Mr. Anthony Raj did his diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1973 and worked in Bangalore Baptist Hospital for 37 years. During the course of this period his desire was to learn the wind instruments. He was formally trained to play the Saxophone under the able guidance of the renowned music conductor Mr. Narayana Swamy. He later on diversified into other wind instruments.

He plays Saxophone in Church and has been giving public performances. He has been training students at the World Music Conservatory and teaches the Saxophone, Western Flute, Recorder and Harmonica.
Suneesh Thomas – Piano & Western Keyboard
Suneesh Thomas is a pianist par excellence and has over 15 years of experience in music as a performer. He is also an excellent teacher who nurtures students at all levels.

Suneesh Thomas has taught students and prepared them for exams and performances at many schools and he was associated with Delhi Symphony Society. He has himself composed and arranged music for the Symphony Orchestra.
Mr Shyam Sundar – Indo Western Keyboard
Mr Shyamsundar plays the Indo Western genre of keyboard.

He has been teaching the Indo Western keyboard for almost more than a decade that enables students to play the popular Indian music like the Film songs, Patriotic songs and Light music. Shyam Sundar has trained more than 500 students.

He has been teaching the keyboard at the World Music Conservatory and very popular amongst the children.
Mr Satish G Dattatri – Art & Design
Satish Dattatri completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath and went on to pursue his post graduation in Fine Arts from Hull University UK.

He has completed his diploma in Graphic designing and Animation. He was into events and advertising.

Satish is very passionate about teaching and one of the most sought after mentors.
Mr Narasimha Murthy – Art & Design
Narasimha Murthy
Mr Amar Gulecha – Guitar
Amar Gulecha
Mr Shiva Tej Manohar – Guitar
Shiva Tej Manohar has been playing guitar from the past 10 years and teaching from more than 4 years. I learnt the basics from Mr.Ramnath sharma. Intermediate and advanced by myself and from workshops with one of the world's most famous teachers Andy James. I have learnt both western and Indian classical. I teach from initial to 8th grade in Trinity. I compose songs and play guitar in my own rock band Arha. I also play guitar as session artist for some music directors in sandalwood.
Mr Srimanth – Tabla
Ms Samteina – Western Vocal
Ms Kusuma K M – Light Music
Kusuma K M