Mr Gopi - World Percussion

Gopi was born in a family of musicians, his father being a Mrudangam (Indian percussion instrument) player. Even as an infant, Gopi showed keen interest in music and used to accompany his father to temples, concerts where he played the cymbals. He later on went to formally study and play the Tabla. This gave him a firm foundation and confidence to experiment with other percussion instruments from different parts of the world. He has a wide collection of percussion instruments that he has acquired while traveling for performances all over the world. In his musical journey, he has been fortunate to learn under the eminent guidance of Gurus like Pandit Suresh Talwalkar & the percussion maestro Trilok Guru. Today he is considered to be one of the most accomplished percussionists in the World Music category.

Smt Vidushi Sangeetha Srikishen - Carnatic Vocals

Vidushi Sangeetha Srikishen a Carnatic vocalist and an entrepreneur, began her musical journey at the tender age of 5 when she used to lead SAI BHAJANS at various religious gatherings along with her mother, a violinist. Inspired at a very young age, she went on to learn music and during her musical journey she had the great opportunity to be tutored under some of India’s finest musicians. She is a post graduate in Music from the Mysore University.

Smt Vidushi Sridevi - Carnatic Vocals

She has completed her education MA in Kannada and Sanskrit and done in Karnatic Classical Music. She Auditioned in All India Radio as B high artist and has taught more than 150 students in Gurukula served as a Teacher in Adamya Chetana and currently working in World Music Conservatory. She has participated in more than 5000 programmes and participated as a playback singer for many musical plays, in Hampi Utsav, in Vishwa Kannada sammelana, in Vishwa Samskruta Sammellana.

Smt H.N Kamala Murthy - Carnatic Vocals

She completed her Vidwat Proficiency Examinations with distinction in 2005, under the guidance of the eminent Guru Vidhushi Smt. R A Ramamani. She has also undergone training in Hindustani Classical Music under Guru Pandit Shri Ganapathi Hegde. Apart from being the winner in classical competitions, she performs concerts regularly all over the state. Some of the popular venues have been at temples and festivals in Bangalore, Hubli and Dharwad. Smt Kamala Murthy has also recorded music for the Kannada Culture Department.

Smt Sharanyaa Sriram - Carnatic Vocals

Sharanyaa Sriram represents the nouveau and emerging generation of classical vocalists and performers. She is a regular face at the world renowned annual December Music Festival, Chennai and at several leading venues like The Madras Music Academy, Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha, Brahma Gana Sabha, Karthik Fine Arts and Chennayil Tiruvaiyaru, to name a few. She has appeared and performed in various regional TV.

Mr Sridhar Narasimhan - Carnatic Performance Grooming Classes

As a musician, singer, violinist and composer. Have been grooming disciples in Carnatic music (Vocal and Violin) over 3 decades. Was trained under Sri AV Venkataramanaiah, Sangeeta Kala Ratna, RR Keshavamurthy and further nurtured by Padma Bhushan Parur MS Gopalakrishnan, with a blend of Hindustani and Carnatic in Gayaki style.

Performances : Bangalore Gayana Samaja, Seshadripuram Rama Seva Mandali, Chennai’s Krishna Gana Sabha, Narada Gana Sabha , Mysore Navarathri Utsava, IISc Bangalore, Hampi and Pattadakal Festivals, Mulbagal and others. Have performed for fusion band “Shoonya". Have also played for Doordarshan and All India Radio. Has done 3 movies Music composition, music production- Lyrics for Film Songs - Sound special effects (SFX)- Background score (BGM).

Vidwan Srikiran Vedula – Carnatic Violin & Carnatic Vocal

Vidwan Srikiran Vedula A Winner of First Prize at All India Level in All India Radio Music (Violin) competition & a Renowned Violinist of India, Srikiran Vedula is a sought-after violinist in the country. He is also credited with many performances in concerts across the country organized by premier organisations such as Kalabharati Performing Arts Centre, Spic-Macay, Bangalore Gayana Samaja, Visakha Music Academy, Nada Sudha Tarangini, Srikrishna Gana Sabha, Thyagaraja Bhaktha Samithi, Ananya Sangeetha Sabha etc.

A recipient of Alahasingari Gold medal from Vijaya Thyagaraja Sangeetha Sabha, a recipient of ‘Senior Scholarship’ from Government of India and an ‘A’ grade artist from All India Radio, Srikiran is a favourite accompanist of many vocalists and other instrumentalists. He has accompanied for music album ‘Gayathri Suprabhatham’ composed by the renowned vocalist Smt. Pantula Rama.

B Druvaraj - Mrudangam

Born into a family of musicians. B Druvaraj is the elder son of reputed morching artiste Vidwan L Bhimachar and mother Smt. S Jayamma a vocalist. He was born in Mysore on January 14, 1959. Druvaraj started learning mrudangam at the age of eight, under mrudangam maestro Vidwan H Puttachar, did proficiency exam in distinction, in the year 1975, conducted by Karnataka Higher Education Examination Board. Later he had tutelage under Vidwan Ramanathapuram C S Muruga Bhupathi.

Played at various sabhas and cultural organizations all over India. He visited Mauritius and South Africa in 1980 on a concert tour. He also participated in the 5th International Jew's harp festival held at Amsterdam in 2006. He is an 'A Grade' artiste of All India Radio and has featured in many Radio and TV Programs. He is an approved Music Examiner in percussion for Karnataka Higher Education Examination Board. Druvaraj is a Bachelor's Degree holder in Commerce from the University of Mysore.

Bhargav R Ranganath - Carnatic Vocal Coordinator – Indian Music

Bhargav R Ranganath An aspiring Carnatic Vocalist, Bhargav initially underwent musical training from Vidwan Chandrashekhara Bhagavatar in Mumbai for 10 years. His passion for music stayed alive while he completed his engineering and post graduate degrees. After having worked for L&T and PWC, Bhargav returned to Carnatic music, recently acquiring a Master's degree in music from Jain university, Bangalore. Currently he is continuing to advance his training under Vidwan Tirumale Srinivas.

Vidwan Mahesh Kumar Heroor – Hindustani Vocals and Harmonium

Hailing from a place called Heroor from Gulbarga Shri Mahesh Kumar Heroor is one of the most promising young Hindustani vocalists of Karnataka. He is an exponent of Hindustani Classical music and Light Classical music. He is blessed with a great voice. He was trained in the Guru – Shishya Parampara system of music under none other than the Sangeet Shivayogi Ubhaya Ganaacharya Dr. Pandit Puttaraja Gavai. He has been performing in all leading organizations and music festivals. Shri Mahesh Kumar Heroor is a faculty at the World Music Conservatory for the past two years and trains students in Classical and light forms of music.

Mr Anthony Raj – Saxophone / Western Flute

Mr. Anthony Raj did his diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1973 and worked in Bangalore Baptist Hospital for 37 years. During the course of this period his desire was to learn the wind instruments. He was formally trained to play the Saxophone under the guidance of the renowned music conductor Mr. Narayana Swamy. He later on diversified into other wind instruments. He plays Saxophone in Church and has been giving public performances. He has been training students at the World Music Conservatory and teaches the wind instruments.

Suneesh Thomas – Piano / Western Keyboard / Western Violin

Suneesh Thomas He is basically from Kerala-Kannur. He is a Pianist and Violinist par excellence and have over 20+ years of experience in music as a performer. He has completed his post graduation in Sociology and also completed 8th Grade from Trinity college of London. He has pursued his music training from Communication Training Institute - Bangalore. He has worked in Air Force for 20 yrs as a musician, and also with renowned conductorcise composers and performed in countries like Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Srilanka and many more countries.

He has trained more than 2000+ students and has created stage performers at many schools and is associated with Delhi Symphony Society. He composes and arranges music for the Symphony Orchestra. He is happy working in WMC as a faculty from 3 years.

Dr.Shyam Sundar – Indo Western Keyboard

Dr. Shyamsundar Dage is from Bangalore. He is specialized in Indo Western Keyboard and has been teaching for almost more than 2 decade that enables students to play the popular Indian music like the Film songs, Patriotic songs and Light music. Shyam Sundar has trained more than 2000+ students. He has worked in Taal music for 4 years and worked in orchestra's like Zemkar Melodies, Jai Melodies and Sangeeth Saurabha. Presently working as Zone music activity trainer in Sri Chaitanya Techno School. He is now running an orchestra called Cini Star Music Group. Several instrumental programs is given by him. We are very glad to have him in World Music Conservatory from past 7+ years as an Indo Western Keyboard Faculty.

Mr Amar Gulecha – Guitar

Mr. Amar Gulecha was born and brought up in Bangalore. He has been playing guitar for more than eight years and teaching from past four years. He has learnt from various music schools in Bangalore. He has completed his Trinity grade 8 from the TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON. He has tutored 700+ students and has guided them for various performances and guitar exams from initial grade to 8th grade. He teaches various genres like rock, hard rock, pop, western, blues, heavy metal, classical, etc. He plays for bands and does regular shows in and around Bangalore. He is also a session guitarist and has worked on different music projects. He has been composing and recording his own music for three years. He has been playing keyboard also from three years. He has been tutoring at World Music Conservatory for more than two years.

Mr Shiva Tej Manohar – Guitar

Shiva Tej Manohar has been playing guitar from the past 10 years and teaching from more than 4 years. He learnt the basics from Mr.Ramnath Sharma who is an Intermediate and advanced by himself and learnt from workshops with one of the world's most famous teachers Andy James. He has learnt both western and Indian classical. He teaches from initial to 8th grade in Trinity. He composes songs and plays guitar in his own rock band Arha. He also plays guitar as session artist for some music directors in sandalwood.

Vidushi Sindhu Putturaya - Carnatic Violin

Vidushi Sindhu Puthuraya, a Carnatic Violinist, has been trained under the world renowned Musician Vid. T.S. Krishnamurthy from 13 years. She is the recipient of the Kousthuba scholarship, awarded by D. Subbaramaiah Fine Arts Trust, Bangalore. She has won various awards from reputed Sabhas like Gayana Samaja, Swararnava Sangeetha Shaale, etc. She performed in many concerts, both as an accompanist and a solo artist. She has been teaching from the past 4 years. She is also learning Western Violin and Piano in World Music Conservatory.

Mr Thejasetuo Khamo – Western Vocal

Thejasetuo Khamo I am a music teacher with a good level of experience and a zest for sharing my passion for all areas of music. I hold a strong belief that music can change lives for the better. I seek to equip students with performance, composition, and theoretical skills that will see them excel no matter which path they take in music. An engaged and determined teacher, I thrive teaching both one-on-one and in-group scenarios. I have good communication skills with strong planning, organizational, and leadership skills, and the ability to interact with diverse student populations at a variety of academic levels.

Vidwan Pranav Rao - Sitar

Vidwan Pranav Rao has been learning sitar under the tutelage Shri Vijay Gonahalu. He is also fortunate to be learning under Pt. Vyasmurti Katti. He has secured distinction in the examinations conducted by the Government of Karnataka. He also received a scholarship at the competition conducted by the Kannada and Culture Department. Pranav has also recorded for a few films and devotional albums. He has performed in many classical - solos and jugalbandis - as well as fusion live concerts, and kathak concerts, but his passion lies with pure classical music.

Vidushi Vidhya Natarajan - Veena

Dr. Vidya Natarajan, a Veena artist and a Vocal teacher learnt to play Veena under the eminent Veena Exponent, Dr. Suma Sudhindra. She finished her Phd from Bangalore University with the thesis titled “Veena and its scientific aspects.” She has performed in a lot of pancha veena concerts in the Madras December season festival, Ramanavami festivals and Gokulastami Festivals. She has also performed in the 25 Veena Concert under the tutelage of Dr. Suma Sudhindra. Also conducted, Workshops, Seminars and run the the music school for Vidushi. S. Sowmya and Shashikiran, under the banner Carnatica. She has also won the competition at the academy of music, Chennai and Bangalore. She is presently getting trained under the able guidance of Smt. Bhagyalakshmi Chandrashekaran, a top grade artist at AIR.

Dr. Priya - Drums

Dr. Priya Andrews found her passion for music at the early age of 8 and was inspired by her father Mr.Andrews who was a musician, She not only Started to accompany him but also play percussion for the live stage shows. At the age of 10, she had already assimilated a stern grip over the sticks and performing well with the composer and the rhythm pad. By the time she was 18, she had already played for 600 live shows and had been asked to be a session drummer for well-known country artists. Having finished her Indian classical Grade in Mridangam from Vidwan.Sri.Jayachandra and also having Procured grades from Trinity School of London under the guidance of Vidwan.Sri.Babusukumar from Babu School of rhythms.

Passion for music and dedication towards her trait resulted in Priya Andrews performing with Legendary singers like S P Balasubrahmanyam, S Janaki, L.R Eswari, Rajesh Krishanan, Anuradha Bhat, Shamitha malnad, Archana Udupa,Hemanth and Usha Kokila, to name a few. Having won the Nadopasana Award, She regularly performs for major TV stations.

Vidwan Srimanth – Tabla

Vidwan Shri Srimanth lives in Rajajinagar. He started learning Tabla at the age of 12 years. He started his basic lessons under the guidance of Guru Shri Vidwan Puttaraj Gawai till 14 years. He has completed his SSLC. He is also awarded as Tabla Chatura in Raichur and Tabla Vidwan in Kopal. Shri Srimanth has traveled to almost all the States in India for performances. Interestingly he has accompanied renowned artists of different genres like musicians.

Smt Gayathri Mohan – Film and Light Music

Gayathri Mohan Learnt Carnatic classical music with Guru Sri & Smt. Venkata Rao (Chitradurga) . Music B. A. at Maharani's Arts college, Bengaluru , Music (M.A.) at Bangalore University. Has performed more than 5000 (FIVE THOUSAND MUSICAL SHOWS) all over India including almost all famous personalities of Kannada film Industry. The prestigious ARYABHATTA AWARDEE (2003 at Ravindra kalakshetra). Having trained hundreds of students in Bangalore & other places from past 30 YEARS who are into live shows and have become successful T.V artists. 5 years of experience as a Performer and Anchor in TV channels Performed in Madhura Madhuravee Manjula Gaana program on Chandana channel.