World Music Conservatory is an academy of music offering music curriculum to study & practice classical and contemporary forms of music in Indian & Western genre.

World Music Conservatory was founded by the renowned percussionist Gopi, Carnatic vocalist Sangeetha Srikishen and management consultant Sathish Varadharajan in the year 2008.


Gopi was born in a family of musicians, his father being a Mridangam(Indian percussion instrument) player. Even as an infant, Gopi showed keen interest in music & used to accompany his father to temples concerts where he played the cymbals. He later went on to formally study & play the Tabla. This gave him a firm foundation and confidence to experiment with the other percussion instruments from different parts of the world. He has a wide collection of percussion instruments that he has acquired while traveling for performances all over the world. In his musical journey Gopi, has been fortunate to learn under the eminent guidance of teachers like Pandit Suresh Talwalkar & the percussion maestro Trilok Gurtu. Today is considered one of the most accomplished percussionists in the World Music Conservatory. Learn Drums from the Ace Drummer & Percussionist HUMANDRUM GOPI at World Music Conservatory who has performed with MannaDey, AdnanSami, SukhwinderSingh. Who has performed for Bollywood Music Director - SajidWajid, AnuMalik, NadeemShravan



Sangeetha Srikishen

Sangeetha Srikishen, a Carnatic vocalist and entrepreneur, began her musical journey at the tender age of 5 when she used to lead SAI BHAJANS at various religious gatherings along with her mother, a violinist. Inspired at a very young age, she went on to learn music and during her musical journey had the great opportunity to be tutored under some of India’s finest musicians. She is a post graduate in Music from the Mysore University.