Level 1

Parts of a guitar.
How to hold a guitar
Right hand technique
Left hand technique
How to tune a guitar
The C major scale
Definition Tone and Semi-Tone
Sight Reading Basics
How chords (triads) are derived from a scale
Chords of a major scale
Open chords and strumming
Popular chord sequences
Chromatic scale
Tonality of a major scale

Guitar techniques which every student needs to be trained to be able to play and perform
Whammy bar techniques
Economy picking
Eight finger tapping
Greek modes
Pick and finger picking
Scale modulation
Wah pedal usage
Volume knob usage
Controlled feedback
Tone modulation
Tone production
Amplifier settings
Effects processor editing
Electric guitar maintenence

Level 2

Deriving 12 major scales
Chords of 12 major scales
Open major scales
Circle of fifths and fourths
Power chords
Hammer ons and pull offs
Alternate picking
Natural Harmonics
Moveable chord shapes
Chord arpeggios for triads
12 moveable major scales
Transcribing Level 1
Minor pentatonic scale
Major pentatonic scale
Improvising with Pentatonic Scales
Aural Training - recognizing intervals
Riff playing
Rock and metal rhythms
Finger slide
String bends
Learning notes on fret board

Level 3

Chord transposition
Major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th chords
Blues minor scale
Artificial Harmonics
Diminished 7th, minor/major 7th, augmented chords
Suspended 4th, Suspended 2nd, Suspended 7th chords
Two handed tapping
Finger Picking
Jazz Standards
Transcribing Level 2
Economy Picking
Using Volume/tone Knobs
Using Effects Processor/Pedals
Producing a good Guitar tone
A Look at Different Genres
Double Stops
Harmonic Analysis
Functionality of Various 7th chords
Arpeggios for 7th chords
Different types of tunings
Using Octaves
Aural Training - recognizing chords

Level 4

Greek modes
Improvising over various modes
Dominant 11th, major 11th, minor 11th, minor/major 11th
Augmented 7th, suspended 7th
Four note chord shapes
Chord substitution. (reharmonisation)
Diminished scale
Augumented scale
Whole Tone Scale
Whammy bar techniques
Chord fragments. Clusters
Walking bass with chord fragments
Harmonic minor, melodic minor, real melodic minor scales
Modes of Harmonic and melodic minor
Sweep picking
Pick and finger picking
Transcribing Level 3
Transcribing other instruments
Aural Training - recognizing intervals, advanced chords and harmonic progressions
Funk Guitar rhythms