Guitar Classes in Bangalore

Level 1

Initial / Beginner.
How to hold a guitar
Parts of a guitar
Right hand technique
Left hand technique
Chromatic note exercises
Sight reading basics & Time Signature
Octaves & Frets
Basic music theory
Open chords and strumming with Rhythm

Grade 1
Different picking patters
Deriving major scales
Open position major scales
How chords (triads) are derived
Popular chord sequences
Understanding theory through playing certain songs
Understanding tone and semitone
Rhythm Chords

Grade 2

Introduction to finger picking
Power chords
Natural harmonics
Chord arpeggios
Transcribing level 1
Aural training

Grade 3

Introduction to electric guitar
Usage of volume and tone knobs
How to produce a good guitar tone
Usage of effects/processor pedals
Introduction to circle of fifths
Pentatonic scales and improvisations
Riff playing
Rock and metal rhythms
Chord transposition
Artificial harmonics
Functionality of different 7th chords
Minor scales
Suspended chords
Different types of tuning
Aural training

Grade 4

Introduction to modes
One finger tapping
One finger tapping
Scale modulation
Effects processor editing
Transcribing level 3
Augmented chords and scales
Diminished chords and scales
Walking bass with chord fragments
Chord substitutions
Harmonizing over leads
Jazz standards
12 bar blues improvisation
Introduction to sweep picking

Grade 5

Functionality of circle of fiths
2 finger tapping
Greek modes
Studying different genres
Introduction to songwriting
Arpeggios for 7th chords

Grade 6

Improvising in modes
Intermediate sweep picking
Shuffle blues
Funk rhythms
Introduction to polyrhythm
Technical overview
Introduction to neo classical
Whole tone scales and practicality

Grade 7

Usage of modes in different genres
Advanced sweep picking
Riff writing and improving leads over them
Chord tapping
Usage of wah wah pedal and other effects for leads
Intermediate polyrhythm
Song writing in different genres
Transcribing other instruments
Jamming sessions with other musicians as a band

Grade 8

Advanced song writing and theory
Advanced poly rhythms
Arpeggios tapping
Advanced string skipping
Modes of harmonic and melodic minor
Augmented 7th
Suspended 7th
Diminished 7th
Recognizing intervals, advanced chords and harmonic progressions
Expansion of jazz standards and blues
Advanced rock and metal lessons
Jamming with the tutors regularly
Jamming with Different Musicians