Indo Western Keyboard Classes in Bangalore

Level 1

Key sign
Chromatic scale
Sign value
Introducing C major (White notes only)
Time signatures 2/4
Note value : semibreve ,minim , Crochet
Play any major scale song My Bonney
Playing along with rhythm and beats

Rhymes :
Twinkle Twinkle
Mary had a little lamb
Yankee doodle
Grandfather's clocks
Jingle bells
Joy to the world
Titan signature
American patrol

Level 2

Introducing G major & A minor (White notes only)
Time signatures 4/4 and 6/8
F major; D minor (natural and harmonic)
Note value : semibreve ,minim , Crochet ,Quaver, semi quaver
Play two major scale song and two minor scale song with rhythm and chords
Finger Exercise : straight Notes,Pair notes

Level 3

D and Bb major;
E, B and G minor (plus accidental)
A and Ebmajor;
Bb and Gb minor
Note values : Dotted minim and ½ rest.
Semi quiver, ¾ rest. Dotted notes and rest
Play each scale one song along with Time signature
Time signatures: 9/8
Play along with rhythm & chords

Level 4

F# and C minor
E and Ab major ; C# and F minor
B and Db major ; G# and Bb minor
Time signature: 5/4, 7/4, 12/8
Each scale one song with rhythm & chords
Circle of Fifth, major and minor scale concepts
Harmonic minor and Melodic minor in all keys
Chords positions
Theory how to read & write music notes
Rhythms patrons
Play along with rhythm & chords
Advance level raga based songs