Non Teching Staff
Prasad Achar : General Manager Administration
Prasad Achar has been with WMC since inception. His love for music is what brought him to join WMC. He handles the entire administration of all branches of World Music Conservatory
Vivekananda Machaiah : Head Of Operations
He handles the entire operations of all the branches of WMC. Student Procurement, Business Development & Pre and Post Project Follow up. Provide focused assistance to students based upon their needs and challenges ensuring satisfaction & coordinate web and on-site updates. Ensuring Smooth Execution of company contracts, Manpower Management & Facility Management.
C S Gurumurthy : Events and Production
Gurumurthy manages the in house and other productions & events of WMC
Raaghav Ballal : Senior Manager Business Development
Raaghav Ballal's role is to develop business in terms of customer acquistion, production enquiries and enhancing corporate tie-ups.
P R Manjunath Rao : Software Development and Web Designer
Manjunath role is supporting IT requirement and handle the World Music Conservatory Websites and its Maintenance. He also does Graphic Design.
Shwetha Raaghav : Accountant
Shwetha Raaghav works as a Accountant and admin department.