Non Teching Staff
Vivekananda Machaiah : Head Of Operations
He handles the entire operations of all the branches of WMC. Student Procurement, Business Development & Pre and Post Project Follow up. Provide focused assistance to students based upon their needs and challenges ensuring satisfaction & coordinate web and on-site updates. Ensuring Smooth Execution of company contracts, Manpower Management & Facility Management.
C S Gurumurthy : Events and Production
Gurumurthy manages the in house(Events & TV Shows) and other productions and events of World Music Conservatory, Video Editor, TV Shows
P R Manjunath Rao : Software Development and Web Designer
Manjunath role is supporting IT requirement and handle the World Music Conservatory Websites and its Maintenance. He also does Graphic Design.
Shanmugam : Accountant
Shanmugam works as a Accountant and admin department.